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"Island Body Works is an oasis of calm.  I look forward to each and every appointment with Carolyn."  


“Getting a massage from Carolyn is like getting a tune-up.  She knows where the usual suspects are and knows how to handle them. Her room is soothing and comfortable with no interruptions. Time seems to stop while another human being devotes herself entirely to you with skilled diligence and instant results.  Her massage is an extremely worthwhile investment in my book.”  

Mary Case

 “Having looked for a new massage therapist for a long time, I can't say how happy and relieved I was to finally find Carolyn Burnett at Island Body Works.  Carolyn has an intuitive and healing touch. I leave feeling like I've been rejuvenated in my mind, body and spirit.”

 Julie Ann Brown


"I have known Carolyn Burnett and enjoyed her therapy sessions since 2000. I first went to her for relief from a broken back and months in bed. Since then, I return, and return again, for the wonderful healing and soothing nature of her hands on my body. Carolyn has a fifth sense about listening to the body and mind of her client. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. "

C.R. Sanchez


“The benefits of 'body work' with other fine practitioners over the past few years have been invaluable to my 'mind- body- spirit' healing journey. Carolyn has taken it to another level. I feel blessed to have found her, and implicitly trust her intuitive healing nature.”

 Bo Budinsky, Director



 “Don't give up five minutes before the miracle."


“Carolyn is truly a gift to the island.  For almost two years she has been my go-to massage therapist.  Whether it be for restoration (mentally and physically), or for serious trigger point and myofascial release, Carolyn's incredible body work knowledge is apparent every time I've met with her.  Whatever I bring to the table, she has a way of pinpointing the root of the problem and coaxing tight muscles and fascia into a sweet relaxed state.  Her deep understanding of how the body works as a whole (physically, mentally, emotionally) along with her genuine kindness and concern for her clients, fuse to create an incredible massage experience.  I've referred several friends to Carolyn, and I've heard nothing but rave reviews from all of them as well.  I have no doubt there is healing magic in those hands of hers!”

 Cate Black


“Carolyn is an experienced massage therapist.   That means that she does much more than provide a good massage.  She uses her expertise to treat any problem I am having.  Often she can provide guidance on exercises or practices to avoid future problems. She helps me navigate what I call the health maze by referring me a chiropractor, acupuncturist or a physician as needed.” 

Glenn Smith


“Carolyn provides the most relaxing but effective massages- gets into the spots that are really sore and I feel like a million when she's done! I can't recommend Carolyn highly enough!”

Suzanne Alton





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